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Gavin Newsom Visits War Torn Ukraine Village…Oh, Wait. He’s Just In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – California governor Gavin Newsom and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti where photographed visiting the devastation left behind by Russia in a war torn area of Ukraine. The photo shows a horrific smoldering city with bodies everywhere….oh. Wait….wait a second.

My bad. We’ve made a mistake. After further review they are not in Ukraine, rather it looks like Los Angeles. Yep. We can see the Hollywood sign burning in the background. It’s California.

On closer examination, what we thought was Ukrainian casualties turns out to be several meth heads ‘sleeping it off.’ And what we assumed was a solider on his way to battle is actually a homeless drunk pushing a shopping cart.

The debris, garbage and rats are not the result of the Russia invasion but the result of bad policy and feckless government officials.

Melmac News apologizes for the understandable misunderstanding.

Edit: An earlier version of this story showcased a brave civilian attempting to disarm an explosive device. Turns out it was actually an insane vagrant swinging a machete at pile of human feces.

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