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X-Men Reveal Their New Inclusive Name: X-LGBTQIIAPD+

Burbank, CA – Fans are lining up outside a comic book store in Burbank to be the first to get their hands on the newly titled The Uncanny X- LGBTQIIAPD+, which was formerly known as The X-Men.

“Finally a superhero team that everyone can identify with. Literally!” A pink haired comic book fan exuberantly screamed as she bought the comic.

“As a straight white kid I had plenty of heroes to aspire too, like Spiderman or Batman.” A forty year old fanboy explained. “But my Mexican neighbor only had Speedy Gonzales and that Taco Bell Chihuahua. It’s just not fair!”

Marvel has long been accused of showing a lack of diversity with their characters. Therefor the company hopes this move will do more to appease Twitter and keep them from getting cancelled for just a little while longer.

“We understand this is a small step for inclusivity and we vow to do better.” Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter acknowledged at a news brief. “We hope that by years end, every superhero will be a Black Indigenous Person Of Color struggling with their sexuality and every villain will be Jordan Peterson.”

“The new name is also an extremely fluid acronym,” A lead comic book writer for the new series excitedly shared. “With each new issue we’ll be constantly adding new letters to represent our diverse culture.”

As of this report the Marvel confirmed that by issue 12 they’ll be forgoing plot as all pages will be dedicated to explaining what each letter means.

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