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Rittenhouse Judge Clarifies That MSNBC Is Not Banned Just “That Insufferable Host Joy Reid”

Kenosha, WA – Judge Bruce Schroeder, the Wisconsin judge overseeing the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, has clarified his remarks saying that he has not banned all of MSNBC from the courtroom, just that “insufferable host Joy Reid.”

The clarification came after it was reported that MSNBC was barred from the court because a producer was stopped by police for following a van used to transport the jury. “I took this as an opportunity to remove Joy Reid from my life. Oh god, she’s the worst!” Judge Schroeder adamantly screamed. “I don’t want her on my TV!”

After the prosecuting attorney explained to the judge that he could “simply change the channel,” judge Schroeder became more aggravated. “Bailiff, play the tape!” he yelled.

Sources claim that the bailiff proceeded to play a Joy Reid clip from TikTok to a horrified courtroom. After about 20 seconds people began screaming things like, “stop the insanity,” “this is torture,” and, “I’d rather eat Arby’s!”

The jurors were last spotted running out of the courthouse with pencils jammed in their ears and their eyeballs gouged out.

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