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Biden Fondly Recalls The Time When His Neighbor Doc Brown Helped Him Get Him Back To The Future

Washington, D.C. – At a virtual event President Biden was overcome with nostalgia as he remembered a wonderful memory from his childhood when he travelled back in time to the year 1955.

“I recall I was at the mall, man. Doc was there too.” Biden stammered. “I was like, you built a time machine…out of a Datsun? Not a Datsun…uh, a d-dino-dinosaur! C’mon man! 88 miles per hour. You know the thing with the flux capacitor!”

Some idiots in the media wondered if Biden was simply mistaking his life for the 1985 film, ‘Back To The Future’ which starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

“Wouldn’t his mom wonder why her son looks just like the guy she had a crush on in high school?” a reporter questioned.

“I can assure you in no way has the President misspoke.” press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated. “It is absolutely, undeniably true that Joe took his mom to her high school prom and invented rock-n-roll.”

Biden ended the virtual event by telling a story about the time, as a young boy, he helped a Reese’s Pieces-loving ExtraTerrestrial ‘phone home’.

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