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Joe Biden Surprises Greta Thunberg At Youth Climate Summit In Milan To Smell Her Hair

Milan, Italy – US President Joe Biden shocked the Youth Climate Summit crowd when he walked out and sniffed Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s hair during her speech.

The incident occurred as Thunberg openly mocked world leaders’ unfulfilled promises in regards to climate change. Confused onlookers reported that Biden shuffled out to the stage, grabbed Thunberg by the arm then slowly pulled her in to, what was described as, “his wide-spread nostrils.”

“One minute the girls talking about Green Jobs,” a horrified attendee recalled. “Then the next minute the Leader of the Free World is nose deep in her scalp like he’s sniffing a good Merlot!”

Other attendees confirmed that the “whiffs” where audible all the way in the nosebleed section. “He was sniffing to the back of the room for sure.” A conference worker added.

After about 6 good inhales Biden’s handlers were able to lure the president away with the promise of ice cream on the way home.

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