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Confused Biden Fondly Recalls Dancing At Wedding Of His Daughter – Ivanka Trump

Washington, D.C. – President Biden appeared to get a bit foggy when recalling his daughter’s wedding during a virtual event to celebrate the start of the Jewish High Holidays.

The event, which focused on recent anti-Semitic attacks and the hope for renewal, veered off track when Biden recalled his daughter Ashley’s wedding to Howard Krein in 2012.

“It was wonderful. We had a a fantastic time,” Biden said. “My daughter Ivanka Trump looked beautiful at her bar mitzvah…not bar mitzvah — her wedding, man! You know the thing with the dollar dance!”

“And they played that song … I’m- my mind is going blank now.  What’s the song that is played where everybody Celebrates good times? C’mon!” Biden added. “You know the song by Cornpop and the Gang. I can’t remember it. Anyway. And that’s the song that was played.”

During the same event, Biden also told Jewish leaders that he still remembers the heartfelt speech given by his best man, Donald Trump. 

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