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Biden Asks Advisors To Explain The Economy To Him Like He’s Five Years Old

Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden’s recent economic plan came out of a tense meeting with his financial advisors in which he repeatedly asked them to, “dumb it down.”

After a few hours of various graphs and charts attempting to explain supply side economics sources report that Biden put his head down and began to sniff his leather folder. After about 20 minutes he finally whispered, “Why don’t you explain the economy to me like I’m five years old.”

The White House staff was seen putting on an elaborate puppet show complete with a pizza party to show the benefits of inflation and high unemployment.

“Mr. President, if mommy and daddy give a little girl money to start a lemonade stand,” An economic advisor was overhead explaining. “And then we find out that little girl is a greedy capitalist pig, we simply take over all lemonade stands and set a fair price so everyone gets free lemonade!”

The meeting ended with the president demanding Country Time lemonade before his 2 o’clock nap.

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