FAIL: You Won’t Believe The Vanity Fair Photoshop disaster!

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Hollywood, CA – With the Times Up Movement in full swing rapidly changing our culture the Vanity Fair cover photoshop fail is proof that Hollywood is struggling to keep up. The photo features 12 film stars photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the magazine’s Hollywood issue and also features several crucial mistakes. Here are 4 errors you might have missed:

1. The original photo featured Golden Globe winner James Franco, who was digitally removed after he was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior by several women. Franco is currently hiding out in his compound. Here is the original photo that went out before it was altered.

2. Vanity Fair even botched the behind the scenes photos! This one, which has now been removed from Vanity Fair’s Website, shows Oprah who appears to have a third hand!

3. In yet another error, Reese Witherspoon has three legs and The Greatest Showman star, Zendaya, only has one leg! Vanity Fair said the appearance of a “third leg” is due to the lining of Witherspoon’s dress and Zendaya’s leg is hidden behind her dress.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to react:

4. Lastly, the error only a few people noticed was that Vanity Fair forgot to airbrush Harvey Weinstein’s curious hand from the chest of Jessica Chastain!

And of course leave it to social media to sum it all up:

Let us know if you spot any other errors!


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