Scientist Accidentally Prove Existence of God!

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A recent study proving the existence of God has rattled the scientific community. The study, which radically changes philosophers ideas on the nature of the universe, was conducted by renowned Nuclear Physicist, Gerald Schroeder, who discusses this in length in the book titled God According to God.

The study of nature, even with all its intellectual rigor, is filled with spiritual wonder…Every physical object in the vast universe, including our human bodies, is built of the light of creation. I have no doubt in the existence of God.

We sat down with Dr. Schroeder for an interview and at the time he was very busy on his computer, as he stated, “clearing his internet history.” He followed this up by frantically demanding us to do the same.

I’m telling you man clear it out! Imagine all the shit you Google’d?! And don’t forget your cloud storage!

As he set fire to a trash can full of hard drives he asked us if we thought “God was aware of incognito mode.”

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