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Junior, Ladybugs And Four Other Comedies Netflix Now Classifies As Documentaries

  1. Junior – In the 90s a man getting pregnant was a hilarious unthinkable premise. Today, it’s a true story about little person impregnating a muscular Austrian man through NATURAL MEASURES. There’s nothing funny about that, you transphobe!
  2. Ladybugs – Isn’t it funny when a boy dresses like a girl and dominates a sport?….Not anymore! #timesup Now, it’s a bold tale about a trans-girl who dominates a sport for NO REASON AT ALL. As a matter of fact, we’re not allowed to discuss this topic anymore.
  3. Ali – Will Smith portraying boxing champ Mohammad Ali is now a documentary in which Will Smith portrays Will Smith and beats down comedian George Foreman for making fun of his bald wife.
  4. White Chicks – There is nothing funny about black face, but black men in white face? Comedy gold! Today this documentary explores the problems white privilege has on people of color.
  5. Some Like It Hot – Gone are the days where our ribs were tickled by the sight men dressed as women. This 1950s classic is finally a much needed look at the complex struggles that drag queens face grooming children.
  6. Every single Ali Wong stand up special – Netflix was never sure why this was classified as a comedy in the first place when it scientifically has no laughs in it.
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