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Hollywood’s Biggest #MeToo Offenders Are Making A Movie

Hollywood, CA – The outing of Hollywood’s biggest sexual predators and perverts is in full swing. Now several of them are getting together to make a comeback film. Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, James Franco, and other Hollywood pariahs have been meeting at the Van Nuys Jr. High multi-purpose room to spitball ideas.

“We messed up, and now we need to make amends with a kick-ass movie,” Franco exclaimed before he was quickly hushed by Spacey. Aziz Ansari joined the group as a writer, not an actor, to keep his distance, “I want to be a part of this comeback, but what I did wasn’t that bad so I probably shouldn’t have to put my face on this.”

“All I did was jerk off!” Louis CK quickly shouted from the back.

“The movie should center around a loose action plot where we save the White House or some shit,” Franco pitched. “As long as we make the president something woke, like a black trans-athlete who identifies as a rutabaga, we should be okay,” Ansari added. Brett Ratner, who is directing the film, was seen furiously scribbling notes from the back of the room.

Harvey Weinstein is producing. Jeremy Piven is doing the craft services.