Kylie Jenner Tweets “Dad had a sex change. Why can’t I have a race change?”

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Hollywood, CA- Looks like Tinsel Town has a new fad. Forget your tiny purse dogs, old timey moustaches’ and vodka enemas. “Gender Reassignment is SO last year”, according to a recent tweet from Kylie Jenner, the daughter of famous once Bruce Jenner, now Katlyn Jenner.

The deleted tweet

Kylie really wants to stand up for what she believes in, and she feels that her  father/mom set a wonderful example. “My dad was so sick of all the hardships that go with being a privileged white middle aged male. He followed his heart so that he could get paid half as much, for doing the same job. In the same way, I am so sick of being able to avoid speeding tickets by being half Caucasian, that I want to embrace the person I really am inside: A proud black sist’a.

I was born into the wrong body”, she told TMZ ,as she was purging her lunch into a Beverly Hills toilet. She continued, “I’m practically black already anyway. Old white people hate me, no one trusts me with money, and I’ve slept with all of the LA Clippers.”

The tweet didn’t come as any surprise to ex-boyfriend Tyga, “It made sense to me. When I was dating her, she always had a lot of black in her… Ya know what I’m sayin’?!” He stated in an interview on The 700 Club.

Ya’ know what I’m saying’?!”

Despite the controversy that the deleted tweet is causing, it would appear that Kylie is still planning the transition, noting that she “can’t wait to be good at basketball and have rhythm“.

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