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Bill Cosby Begins Comedy Comeback Tour in Women’s Locker Room At Wi Spa

Los Angeles, CA – Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby’s new comedy tour, called “Letting It All Hang Out,” is scheduled to start this November at a popular Korean spa in Los Angeles his reps confirmed.

“Americas Dad is itching to get back on stage and get back in touch with his fans!” His representative announced at a press conference. Upon arrival attendees will automatically be entered in a contest to win One Night With The Cos’. “I can assure you it’ll be a night you’ll never forget!” The rep added, “But in all honesty you probably won’t remember!”

A source close to the former Jell-O Pudding pitchman confirmed that once Cosby saw the news that Wi Spa allows “dudes in the chicks locker room” as long as you identify as a woman he saw his opportunity.

“Flibble flabble with my ding dong swaggle! I’m going from Theo to Rudy! Start the tour!” Cosby was overheard saying while watching CNN.

Wi Spa confirmed that they are simply complying with California state law which “prohibits discrimination against gender-non-conforming people.”

The tour is not without its detractors. Susan Koh, a frequent visitor to the spa took issue, “I’m more disturbed that he’s serving quaaludes with Dasani water instead of tap water. Gross!”